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One size does not fit all!

The core message at the centre of consumer advertising for insurance, particularly motor and home, from those household brands, you know the ones we all know and love, is; Price, price, price.
Whilst the cost of your insurance is important, what is just as important is the levels of cover and service you receive, remember; “one size does not fit all!”
Insurance packages; purchased on-line, are very much of a budget variety with many of the key elements that you would assume to be “standard” removed in order to keep the price down.
Like most products there is a market value and if you are presented with something that is way below that value, ask yourself what is wrong or missing rather than “what a bargain!”
There maybe features and benefits excluded that are unique to your specific requirements, like accidental damage caused by pets, how can you be sure that your budget, on-line purchase is fit for purpose without reading the policy wording and schedule, cover to cover?
There is an alternative and it doesn’t have to cost you a whole load more, engage your local independent broker.
Only that way can you specify a list of requirements and then receive advice and guidance from a trained professional to give you a competitive solution and peace of mind.
Tempting as it maybe to take the bargain basement option from the top of the list providers, remember that for no cost at all you can get free guidance and advice and a tailor-made solution for your individual risks.
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