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Ever stopped to wonder if your insurance policy purchased on-line is “fit-for-purpose”?
Of course the schedule of insurance will include all the usual jargon and terminology, but did you stop to read any further, maybe have a look at the terms and conditions?
Our industry has done itself no favours in recent years, offers of “cheap” insurance, easily purchased at the click of a button saturate all forms of media; Press, TV and the social kind and whilst the offer of cheap insurance may be very appealing, what is not highlighted is the differences in cover.
Cheap on-line policies like any other purchase are cheap for a reason. Fast food is cheaper than in a restaurant, both do a job but long term exposure will produce very different results.
The good news is that there is an alternative, one that’s been around long before the internet dominated so much of our shopping habits and one that can provide real peace-of-mind.
Engaging a broker to advise you on the choice of insurer and cover limits costs you nothing, so even if you don’t take advantage what have you got to lose?
Brokers don’t “load” the insurance premium to compensate for the advice given, we use our greater understanding of your unique circumstances to make an informed recommendation as trained professionals.
And it doesn’t mean that you will pay anyone, you might do, but at least you’ll be secure in the knowledge that the policy will be suitable in the event that at the time when you need it most; making a claim, you will be covered.
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