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Fleet Insurance is based on the principle that vehicles can only be driven by one person at a time and takes into account a driver’s age, experience, occupation and location. It provides one policy, one renewal date and one affordable payment.

Be it a Multi-car Insurance Quote for Private Fleet Insurance, Commercial Fleet Insurance or Fleet Car Insurance, the more vehicles covered in relation to the amount of drivers, the greater the saving!

The  policy options and benefits include:

  • ALL vehicles covered
  • More vehicles, with less drivers = lower premium
  • No-claims bonus earned by each driver
  • Bonus protection available. Third Party Fleet Insurance or Comprehensive Fleet Insurance
  • Driving “other cars” option
  • Unlimited windscreen cover
  • Foreign use included up to 60 days in any one year
  • UK registered vehicles kept abroad permanently
  • Young drivers may be covered for their own business use
  • Replacement car hire
  • Vehicles may be added as they fall due for renewal or all at once

This unique policy can be activated at any time. Simply start with one vehicle and add the remaining as and when they fall due for renewal.

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