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We believe that the best business insurance solution is more than just about the price you pay. Of course you want it to be competitive, and that is certainly one of our aims, but, more importantly, you want to know that a full search of the market has been completed and the policy is perfect for your business.

With over 35 years’ experience in providing commercial insurance solutions to the Hertfordshire business community, Ashbourne is able to offer the right policy for you, which is backed-up by our award-winning service to provide you with complete peace of mind.

  • Shops and Office Insurance

    Ashbourne will recommend the most appropriate small business insurance to provide cover for your shop or office against accidental damage, fire, theft, vandalism, flood and storm damage to your buildings, contents, stock and electronic business equipment, as well as, of course, Public Liability Insurance.

  • Landlords Insurance (Residential and Commercial)

    Buy-to-let insurance is designed for those who rent properties for residential use with a tenancy agreement of six-months or more, and can cover single or multiple properties. Landlords of commercial premises should consider a package of cover to include cover for the building, subsidence, loss of rent, property owner’s liability, business interruption and communal contents.

  • Manufacturing and Engineering Insurance

    Manufacturers need specialist insurance which covers the manufacture and warehousing of raw materials and unfinished goods, as well as Product Liability Insurance. Engineering cover can be purchased as stand-alone or bolt-on and will provide specific cover for plant, heavy machinery and computers.

  • Hair and Beauty Insurance

    What would you do if you burned one of your customers with peroxide, or if someone slipped on some hair clippings and was seriously hurt? Your business could be in trouble if those people claimed compensation. For these and other risks, you need to have business insurance tailored for hairdressers.  We can help you get the right cover at a price to suit your budget.

  • Licensed Trade Insurance (pubs, clubs and restaurants)

    With over 35 years’ experience of dealing with Licensed Trade Insurance, we understand your unique insurance requirements. In addition to providing protection for stock and cash, accidental damage and liability insurance, owning a pub, restaurant or other licensed hospitality business means assuming responsibility for the safety of guests and your staff while they are on your property.

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