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When you become the broker!

There is no doubting the fact that increased accessibility to insurance on-line has generated a more competitive paying field for the insurance buying public.
It has also meant a simpler route to market for many with “self-service” type policies that you administer yourself.
These innovations combined with the rise of insurance companies transacting direct with the public rather than via a broker were meant to have spelt out the end of the broker channel, and yet we are still here!
The traditional brokers that remain are now the strongest of the strong, we’ve had to be merely to survive and there is a compelling argument for the use of a broker, one that you won’t find high-lighted on-line.
If you buy on-line, you become the broker and take full responsibility for the choices you make, fine if you never have to make a claim, but what if you do?
In addition, self-service means not just at inception, but for the life of the policy; any query, claim or adjustment would need to be “self-served”.
All of this may be fine and would also explain why the price is so much cheaper, that and the budget levels of cover, but they are two very different propositions that provide two very different levels of service, you have a choice, just don’t expect the two experiences to be the same.
Think of it this way; take-away food is cheaper than waiter service but you wouldn’t ask to see the wine-list in a fast food joint!
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