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No two risks are the same but the majority of insurance needs to fall under recognised categories. However, there are also risks that fall outside the acceptance criteria, which will require insurance.

As specialist insurance brokers in Hertfordshire, our team of experienced and expert advisors can ensure you have the right specialist insurance for your needs so that no matter your situation, we can help to find a package that will provide you with an appropriate level of cover.

  • Non-standard construction

    If your premises isn’t a traditional construction – brick built with a pitched tiled roof – you’ll need specialist insurance to cover the risk. We are often asked to find the best cover for buildings with flat roofs, thatched or timber-framed properties and many other types of construction.

  • Modified vehicle

    Many vehicle modifications are carried out because of necessity, whether it’s a taxi modified for wheelchair access, or a private car that needs to be adapted for a family member’s disability. But sometimes you just want your car to stand out from the crowd. Whatever the modification, our specialist insurance brokers can find a tailor-made solution for you.

  • Vacant premises

    If you own residential or commercial premises that are vacant or are about to be vacated, talk to our Hoddesdon-based insurance brokers about the most suitable cover.

  • Flood or subsidence

    A previous history of flood or subsidence claims doesn’t mean there isn’t an insurance solution. As Hertfordshire insurance specialists, we have enough local and specialist insurance knowledge to help you get the best cover from the increasing number of insurers that now subscribe to FloodRe. Likewise with previous subsidence claims or history of subsidence in the area.

  • Adverse or no insurance history

    If you’re just starting out but have no insurance history, we can help you secure insurance for your business or possessions. Or, if you’ve suffered in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t get an appropriate insurance solution in the future. Our specialist insurance brokers will be able to find the best cover for you.

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