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Paul Turner – Ladybird Voice Solutions Ltd – Essex

We have used Ashbourne Insurance Services for over ten years now for both our business and personal insurances and can recommend them highly.

Our main contact within Ashbourne, Emma Sibthorpe, has looked after us for that entire time, which speaks volumes about the company itself, while our premiums have remained constant and have actually decreased this year, specifically for our car insurance.

We truly appreciate having a broker looking after us and have realised the benefit of this having had a car stolen and been able to talk to someone we know straight away, who helped us over the phone to manage the situation.

It is very easy to go online and try to find the cheapest, but the benefits of a broker that you know and trust far outweigh the savings that they offer, something that many friends of mine have realised having tried to claim through an online insurance company in the past.

I am happy to recommend Ashbourne Insurance Services to anyone needing Home, Motor, Fleet or a Commercial Insurance policy, or advice in relation to any one of them, as they have provided us with all of these over the years and we have never had to question a renewal or recommendation that they have made.

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