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Who needs a broker…

A little known fact is that for all insurance purchased on-line, you become the broker and are wholly responsible for the choices you make.
Insurance purchased via an advisor, where advice is given against cover, features and benefits or even choice of insurer is classed by the regulatory bodies as an “advised” sale.
This means you have the right of recourse in the event that the insurance policy is deemed to be miss-sold.
You need to ensure that you have given a fair presentation of the risk and been honest in the information provided but never the less a process exists should you feel the need to make a formal complaint.
Insurance purchased on-line or even via some of the direct insurance writers is a “non-advised” sale, meaning it was your choice to select the cover limits and provider and therefore you only have yourself to blame if the policy is not adequate.
The fact that the policy is a non-advised sale will always make it a cheaper purchase, if only because the insurer is less exposed to any risk.
By providing an advised sale we are therefore very much aware of the risk of incorrect advice and therefore work twice as hard to obtain cover tailored to your specific needs at a price to suit your budget.
Buying “non-advised” insurance cover doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the best price, where as an “advised” sale will guarantee peace of mind.
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