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What price peace-of-mind?

Not only should your business insurance be fit for purpose, you should also be able to understand the implications behind the endless terms & conditions.
Even better still; you should have a professional advisor that knows and understands your business and can interpret these warranties and endorsements for you.
Insurance companies are past masters at providing cover limits on page one of the policy document and then burying numerous endorsements deep within the wording that make this cover ineffective.
Coupled with that they will issue you with a policy wording, statement of fact, schedule of cover, insurance policy information document, a certificate, important & additional information leaflets totalling hundreds of pages.
Added to that; your insurer may interpret their wording differently to you and you’ll only find that out when it is too late.
We are engaged by many businesses whose insurance arrangements have been added to and adapted as their businesses change and in most instances we find multiple policies all with different renewal dates, terms & conditions.
Our first step is to try and simplify the whole solution, identify any duplication and explain any “gaps” in cover.
Only by fully understanding you and your business can we hope to advise you on the cover, its limitations or enhancements and provide you with a competitive solution.
We take away the need for you to be an insurance expert so that you can concentrate on being the best at what you do with complete peace-of-mind.
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