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Short term gain for long-term pain!

I read with interest this week two pieces of news from the national press regarding insurance companies that have failed their customers and recognised a common theme.
In the first item it is reported that an insurer has refused to pay a fire claim from a policy set-up on-line because of a discrepancy, amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds and in the second instance a large multi-national provider has charged their direct debit customers twice.
What strikes me as similar in both these cases is that big is not always beautiful.
Cover purchased on-line as a “non-advised” sale is different from that which you purchase after a consultation with an independent broker, the same can be said for the service you will receive.
An insurance policy is only of use when you come to make a claim, so why take a chance that it may not be fit for purpose, regardless of the price you pay.
I am also of the opinion that customers matter more to a local community broker than they do to a large multi-national company.
Using a broker does not mean that you have to pay more, but it will guarantee that you get a better service and peace of mind.

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