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Often much over-looked when considering the purchase of insurance is the service aspect that will accompany the actual policy, after all none of us intend to make a claim so we’ll not have to worry about making use of its features and benefits, will we?

It never ceases to amaze me at the ever increasing numbers of new customers that make contact with us almost pleading to end the misery of having to navigate through ever more complicated methods of communication with their insurance provider.

More often than not these are the larger “faceless” corporations or e-commerce providers that seem to have perfected the art of being evasive!

I realise that in many instances insurance is a price sensitive purchase, however remember than no two policies are the same and that you will receive differing levels of service depending upon the price you pay.

The only way to establish the real value of your insurance policy is when you come to make a claim, at which point it may already be too late.

Am I saying you should expect to pay double just to get the right policy? Absolutely not, we wouldn’t have been in business for over 35-years had we not remained competitive.

If you truly want value for money, contact an independent broker, one like Ashbourne, only then can you guarantee a thorough search of all available insurance markets and guess what? If you need help and assistance, prior, during or even after the life of the policy, we will answer your calls personally or invite you to come visit our office to discuss face to face.

In addition because we offer a full range of products; business, home, motor and travel we provide you with a “one-stop-shop”.

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