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Road safety and speeding – staying safe on quieter roads…

Buckle up – UK police revealed that speeding motorists have been travelling over double the limit during the last few months, resulting in a new road crime team being launched.
To help you stay safe, here’s a few reasons to consider your speed the next time you hit the roads:
1. Speeding makes it easier to misjudge the road
You can underestimate pinch points, bends or parked cars if you’re speeding on a road that’s normally busy
2. Slower reaction times
Travelling at 70mph means that your stopping distance can be up to 96 metres. Driving beyond the limit gives vulnerable road users much less time to react.
3. A false sense of security
It’s easy to lose concentration and fall into ‘autopilot’ mode when driving on quieter roads. This can make it difficult to ‘switch on’ decisively if something happens.
4. Save the NHS
Avoiding speeding isn’t just for your wellbeing, accidents at this time puts a further strain on the police and the NHS.
5. Delayed repairs
It may take longer to repair your vehicle as numerous garages remain closed. Vehicle parts needed after an accident may take a while to arrive due to travel and distribution restriction.
6. Lower pedestrian survival rates
Watching other drivers speed can make driving at the limit feel much slower, we get it. However, speeding up ‘just a bit’ over the limit can risk lives. A pedestrian being hit at 40mph gets a 10% chance of surviving. In contrast, a pedestrian who’s hit at
30mph has a 80% chance of surviving.
Thanks to our insurer partners for their continued help & support during these strange & uncertain times.

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