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No two policies are the same!

I think its true to say that we all find it difficult to estimate the value of something that we can’t see, touch or taste.
With insurance this is compounded by the fact that we all, me included, think that that “accident” is never going to happen to me.
I’ll never use the policy so I might as well get it as cheap as possible, after all insurance is insurance no matter who or how you buy it or is it!
To demonstrate what I am talking about I’m going to use everyday groceries to make my point.
Think of a supermarket, you’re walking down the aisle looking for your stable purchase of baked beans.
On one side you get the premium brands, something like Heinz (other brands are available!) and you think.
I know Heinz, I trust Heinz, I’ve grown up with the brand, images of the TV adverts with the family sitting round the table enjoying beans on toast.
The label says its one of my 5-a-day, which is good, I’m sure my family are going to be happy with what I bring home to feed them and if not I bet there is a complaints procedure I can follow.
Compare that with the own brand on the opposite self, the packaging is un-inspiring and the fact that they are so cheap make me wonder about the quality.
Both serve a purpose; however, I am willing to bet that the most of us will pay the higher price for the premium brand to guarantee satisfaction.
Well even though you can’t really “see & touch” your insurance policy before you by, it is no different to your baked beans.
You will get exactly what you pay for, not just in terms of cover, but service too.
Ashbourne has been providing insurance solutions to local residents and the business community for over 40 years, why not give them a call; 01992 471 001 or visit on-line; and find out what make them different from the rest.

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