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Motor Rate Increases To Hit Young Drivers

Motor insurance increases of at least 50% over the next couple of years will hit young drivers, according to insurance accountants and advisors Mazars.

Mazars predicts that the typical motor premium for a young adult will soon be £3,600, and warned that this will make driving unaffordable for many.
The firm added that this will have a huge impact on the young and those in rural areas without alternative public transport.

According to the AA, a typical motor premium is £2,431 for a young adult, 64% higher than 12 months ago.

Mazars insurance industry partner Craig Scarr said: “We are already seeing that younger adults are being priced out of car ownership and cannot afford it, and this will hit even harder over the next year as a typical premium for a young adult rises from £2,400 currently to over £3,600.”

Soaring rates in motor will cause more people to give false information to reduce premiums or drive uninsured, Mazars warned.

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