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Burglars Head For Number 88

While nearly one in four Brits would think twice about buying a house numbered 13, AXA suggests that addresses beginning with 88 are the ones to avoid, having topped the list for burglaries in 2011 and featured in the top ten for two years in a row.

According to the insurer’s research, the most unlucky house numbers are broadly clustered, with number 88 followed by 80, 68, 91, 96, 13, 73, 79, 77, 78, 83, 87 and 98.

While in the top 10, number 13 is only half as likely to be a target of burglars as number 88.

Further data from AXA shows that those living in a semi-detached houses are more likely to be the victims of a break-in than terraced or detached residents, and that a purple front door can act as a magnet to thieves.

Meanwhile, those living at number seven are nine times less likely be victims of burglary.

AXA home insurance underwriting manager, James Barclay, says: “As an insurer it is always interesting to look at trends relating to burglaries or other risks.”

He adds: “We do monitor all sorts of statistics but at the moment have no plans to start weighting premiums according to the number on your door.”

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