Tel: 01992 471001



Chief Entertainments officer

Alfie doesn’t do calls or email!

Alfie loves his days in the office as do all the staff. He likes to been involved in all that is going on and spends most of the day wandering around after our MD keeping tabs on his productivity. He plays an active role in all training and generally puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Name: Alfie
Position: Chief Entertainments officer
School: Didn’t bother!
First Job: Chewing carpet or shoes
Hobbies/pastimes: Long walks & naps
Favourite food Chicken or whatever the humans are eating
Favourite drink Water, strictly tea-total
Favourite holiday destination: Any beach so I can combine running & swimming
Likes: Chasing a tennis ball
Dislikes: Squirrels
When I was younger I always wanted to: Centre of attention!

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