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Insurance In Plain English

Why use a broker?

Why should you use a broker to make your insurance arrangements? After all you can do most things yourself on-line these days and using a broker just increases the premium by 10%, right?
If that statement above refers to you and is what you think, then you are my perfect audience.
A broker should add value to your insurance solution whist still maintaining a competitive price.
We need to understand everything we can about your particular “risk” so that we can then assess the correct insurance solution at a price that suits your budget.
Believe it or not most insurers are prepared to offer a traditional broker a cheaper premium because of our “connection” to the client and the risk itself.
We tend to focus on more local business so our knowledge of the area and experience of writing insurance for customers that live and work locally is seen to be a real benefit to underwriters that are one-step removed from the risk.
Additionally, on-line insurance solutions tend to attract more fraud because of the disconnect and insurers are keen to use our services to help reduce these risks.
Your broker should be your advocate and, in a position, to sell the risk to an underwriter, the best scenario for your insurance renewal is one broker talking to multiple insurers each of whom are fighting to place your business.
This process will ensure the most competitive solution for the widest possible cover, lots of brokers approaching the same insurer will have the opposite effect, some insurers will even refuse to quote if approached by multiple brokers.
A broker will also be there not just to help guide and advise you prior to making a choice but throughout the life of the policy and even beyond.
We act for the client and can add real benefit, especially during the claim process, ensuring that you are not left alone to negotiate with a call center.
We’ve been providing insurance solutions to local residents and the business community for 40 years, long before self-service policies on-line and long enough to watch some insurers come and go!
Why not find out the secret to our success, give us a call; 01992 471 001 or find us on the web

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