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Price Still Number One Concern In Car Insurance – Poll Indicates That For Many, Price Still Trumps Cover When Choosing Car Insurance

The price of insurance premiums is overwhelmingly the most important factor when it comes to choosing motor insurance, according to a recent poll by Be Wiser Insurance.

Two thirds, 67%, of respondents put price ahead of other factors including trust, ease of contacting staff, a courtesy car, legal protection and breakdown cover.

When the company last ran the survey, they found that 70% of people put price at the top of their list.

Be Wiser Insurance chairman Mark Bower-Dyke said: “Price is always going to be the deal-breaker for motor insurance, while the average driver believes they’re never going to have to make a claim.”

A fifth of respondents, 21%, who placed trust above price, said their attitude had changed once they were forced to make a claim.

Mr Bower-Dyke added: “It’s easy to learn a lesson when you’ve been stung once. But it’s better to be prepared – you certainly don’t want to be standing beside your dented car with the sinking feeling that you have to call your budget insurer.

“Insuring with a trustworthy broker not only means you have quality insurance but you also get free legal and breakdown cover, and UK call centres for ease of contact. Don’t wait to get stung before switching to a more trustworthy insurer.”

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