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Premiums 13 Times Average Fines, Reveals MP – Tory Outlines Ten Point Plan To Tackle Uninsured Driving

A young male uninsured driver would have to be caught and fined a dozen times before being out of pocket, a survey has revealed.

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney, who outlined a draconian ten point plan to tackle uninsured driving in a House of Commons debate last week, said that based on an online survey carried out in September the typical premium for a 17 to 20 year young man in his constituency is £2,733.

The same poll showed that the average fine for driving without insurance was £213 in 2010, meaning that a young male would have to be snared and fined 12.8 times.

For the average driver, irrespective of age and gender, the figure would be 2.3 times.

McCartney said: “There is an appalling lack of appropriate punishments for uninsured drivers and accident scammers.”

The Tory MP, speaking in last week’s House of Commons debate on the cost of motor insurance, also outlined a ten point plan to tackle the problem.

1) Driving without insurance needs to be treated as a higher priority by the police

2) Motorists should be forced to display a sticker in their window, like the tax disc, proving that they have up to date insurance

3) Far tougher sentences for those caught driving uninsured, with the minimum fine in each area set at the double the average insurance cost in that area for the age and gender of the person caught

4) Those caught and prosecuted for driving uninsured should automatically lose their driving licence for a set period, perhaps at least one year for an initial offence and then five years for subsequent offences

5) Those caught and prosecuted for driving uninsured for at least the third time should perhaps be given a short prison sentence and a lifetime driving ban

6) Anybody causing a serious accident while driving uninsured should go to prison and be given a lifetime driving ban

7) Juries and magistrates should be made aware of whether false vehicle insurance claims had been made by those making a subsequent vehicle insurance claim that has reached the court

8) Those making false insurance vehicle claims that reach the courts should be prosecuted and actively pursued by the relevant police force

9) Names and addresses of all those prosecuted for driving uninsured should be publicised

10) Support the government clampdown on referral fees

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