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New Signs Could Snoop On Drivers Using Their Phones

Mobile phones driving offences  cause many accidents per year, can cost you a £100 fine and three points on your licence, however many people continue to flout the ban of using a handheld mobile while driving. Hands free technology and the increased popularity of smart phones to support it, has meant drivers can make calls using their controls in the car, instead of looking down at the screen of their phone.  Unfortunately, not all cars have this, and using phones whilst driving is still common practice, hence the development of these new signs to detect it.

Andrew Brady, Motoring Research, reports: New technology that detects when a driver is using their phone is being introduced in Sussex.The vehicle activated sign is triggered when a motorist approaches it while using their mobile phone. It then flashes, warning the driver to put their phone down.But, unlike speed cameras, the sign wont be capable of recording vehicle details, so its unlikely to lead to any prosecutions.It has been illegal to use a handheld mobile phone while driving in the UK since 2003.

The new signs are being trialled in Sussex, where 1,800 drivers were caught using their phones while driving in 2014.Funded by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership for use by Brighton and Hove City Council, the new technology is set to be rolled out across the county if the trial proves to be successful. While the technology is unlikely to lead to prosecutions to begin with, it could result in speed camera-like devices cutting down on mobile phone use at the wheel in the future.

The best way to combat this problem is perhaps through education, making errant drivers aware of the potential consequences of you are using your phone whilst driving.  It not only puts your passengers in danger, but other road users and even potentially pedestrians. Hopefully these new road signs will encourage people to steer clear of using their phone while driving.

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