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Ever taken a gamble on what you’ve purchased on-line is going to fit, or turn up undamaged?
The ease of shopping on-line cant be underestimated and the savings can be quite nice too, but unlike an item of clothing that you can return it if it doesn’t fit
You don’t actually get to try-out your insurance policy, until its too late!
When you purchase your insurance cover on-line, you become the broker, more often or not you will have little or no interaction because these are classed as “non-advised” sales.
That means that it is your choice to select the appropriate cover and if it isn’t quite what you expect when it comes to making a claim, you have no where to turn.
How about the prospect of speaking with someone mid-term to make an adjustment or query a policy detail? What chance do you think you’ve got other than a “live-chat” on-line or those call centres with endless options and queue waiting times?
A traditional broker will manage your solution from start to finish; meaning we don’t just get the most competitive price at inception, we are on-hand for any mid-term adjustment or query, any policy update and any claim.
We’ll also hold your hand through the renewal process and, if like us, the broker is independent, conduct a thorough market search to ensure we remain competitive.
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