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Comparing apples with apples…

I think that our industry has a lot to answer for in the way they have advertised and promoted insurance to customers over recent years.
Whilst I appreciate that for everyone, me included, price is an important factor in the buying decision, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of cover or service.
If you analyse any adverting for insurance, a common theme would be the word “cheap” and I am not sure that the customer is given enough information to actually understand what “cheap” looks like.
I’m not suggesting that you should be subjected to a lecture on terms & conditions but you should at least be given some headlines on what is not covered!
We have lots of conversations with customers who have found a cheaper premium, usually on-line and have found that becoming experts at what other policies don’t cover proves to be invaluable to our clients.
It’s always the thing that you are going to need most that is excluded; accidental damage on home insurance, personal possessions cover, glass cover on vehicles or 24-hour emergency assistance.
We can offer “budget” cover and try to provide options so that you can make a valued assessment on which is right for you.
You can see before you buy your baked beans, which are budget / own brand and premium products, unfortunately when you come to use your insurance it may already be too late if you’ve got the wrong one!
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