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Calling all young drivers, or parents of young drivers!

Young drivers insurance, or the cost of it, will be a topic very close to the heart of many a parent with children aged between 17 & 24 years.

Ashbourne Insurance are therefore pleased to announce that help is on hand from new facilities / insurance schemes that are unique to us within the local area.

Learner Driver insurance – Is an insurance policy, only for learner drivers, entirely separate from the car owner’s motor policy and provides insurance in the event of an accident when a learner driver is learning to drive.

This means that a learner driver can have many hours driving practice at a low daily cost, practicing with someone they know and feel relaxed with, safe in the knowledge that should they have an accident the car owner’s insurance will not be affected and their No Claim Bonus will remain intact.

The vehicle named on the policy documents must be insured elsewhere by the registered keeper for other risks, such as theft, as our policy operates separately to any existing motor policy.

It covers the learner while driving under supervision by anyone over the age of 25, who holds a full UK/EU/EAA driving licence and has done so for three years or more. Policies can be bought on a monthly basis and the price is fixed, regardless of your postcode* and covers vehicles up to and including Group 29.

Owner Learner Driver insurance is an insurance policy, only for learner drivers who own their own car. We know how difficult and how expensive it is for learner drivers to obtain insurance while they are learning to drive especially if they own the car they want to learn to drive in. Covered Owner Learner Driver insurance offers a solution to this problem. We have developed the policy following on from our successful Covered Learner Driver policy that has helped thousands of learner drivers gain valuable driving experience.

Policies can be bought on a monthly basis and the price is fixed, regardless of your postcode and vehicles up to and including Group 23.

New driver insurance – Drive 24/7 with curfew free telematics insurance…

Our new driver Insurance is a comprehensive, telematics insurance for young drivers learning to drive in their own car or once they have passed their test. They can build up their valuable no claims bonus straight away – even better, there is no premium change once they pass their test.

The policy is free from restrictive curfews and negative night time driving penalties. We also give our lowest price from the outset so there is no mucking around with complicated performance related schemes.

The latest telematics technology helps the driver develop safer driving skills, and lowering their premium, by measuring their driving ABCs – Acceleration, Braking, Cornering and Speed.

Feedback is available online instantly on every journey through a web based portal which also features handy eLearning modules to help become even safer. Cover is available for drivers aged 17-24 years and for any vehicle up to 9 years old and with a maximum engine capacity of 1400cc.

Undergraduate Insurance – A competitive car insurance policy, without the need for telematics (a black-box) for undergraduate students aged 18-24. Please note this is for genuine university students only and proof will be required.

As a minimum the driver must have held a full UK licence for at least 12-months and cover will accommodate part-time work, up to two additional drivers and will continue beyond graduation.

We will need details of the home and university address, comprehensive or third party, fire & theft is available as well as protected no claim bonus if relevant.

Home or Private fleet – The final solution is to put all family owned vehicles onto a single policy. This option spreads the risk and reduces the overall premium, no claim bonus is earn’t by each driver so everyone can benefit from claim free driving, long-term.

Vehicles can be added at different times, as and when each policy come round for renewal and usual benefits of protected no claim bonus and the driving other cars extension can be included for selected drivers.

Our policies can accommodate most vehicle types including; Private cars, Vans, Motorcycles, Classic & prestige vehicles and special types.

For more information on any of these young driver options call; 01992 471 001 or email

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