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Calling all tradesmen…

Business insurance for tradesmen can be a minefield to navigate through, not only is there a need to ensure that you obtain a competitive premium but you also need to contend with the terms & conditions in the small print to ensure that you are adequately covered.
More and more pressure is being placed on the “sub-contractor” to ensure all risks are covered, not only from the main contractor but now also from increasingly more “savvy” clients.
Tempting as they may sound and as simple as they are to administer, without help, guidance and advice from a trained insurance professional how can you be sure that you on-line package is fit for purpose?
Liability claims can reach into the hundreds of thousands of pounds, cause reputational damage and if the insurance is not fit for purpose could be business critical.
The good news is that at Ashbourne we are more than happy to help you navigate through the minefield to ensure that not only do you get a competitive price; you also get sound advice and peace-of-mind that the cover is tailored to your specific needs.
We know and understand the meaning of every warranty and endorsement. We are independent and free to search a wide range of insurance companies and we have a range of useful additional policy enhancements to keep you working in the event of an incident or claim.
One such useful extension is “Guaranteed replacement van”. In the event that your van is damaged in an incident, the courtesy car provided by the repairing garage is subject to availability and usually a small hatch-back. For a small additional premium we can provide you a replacement van for up to 28-days enabling you to carry-on with your work regardless of circumstance, even if your van is lost or stolen.
Another very popular enhancement is “Tools in the van” cover. You select the limit of cover, pay the additional premium and then your tools are covered up to that limit whilst in your van anytime of day or night. And the great bit is that if you do have to make a claim it won’t impact on any other policy; motor or liability.
Ashbourne Insurance is a family-run independent broker and we are proud to have been serving the local business community of over 38 years.
Remember quality insurance isn’t expensive, it’s absolutely priceless!

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