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Was 2014 The Year Of The Speeding Fine?

Increased use of digital cameras are being blamed for a four-year high in speeding fines handed out to motorists. Some areas of the UK saw a three-fold increase in number of fines issued.

More details were in a news report by Sky News:

“Courts handed out 115,549 fines in 2013 – the highest number since 2009, figures released by the Ministry of Justice show.

South Wales has seen one of the biggest increases, with the number of people fined tripling last year to 6,491, from 2,181 three years earlier.

The number of offenders has also risen in that period by almost 1,000 in both South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire – and by close to 2,000 in Staffordshire.”

It seems the UK public are still not aware of the dangers of speeding and are now literally paying the price.

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