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Goal Line Technology Firms Take Out Insurance Cover – Hawk-Eye And GoalRef Insure Against Legal Disputes

Goal-line technology companies have been ordered to take out insurance cover by FIFA in order to avoid being sued for failing to spot if the ball had crossed the line or anyone is injured by it.

FIFA has granted licences to Hawk-Eye and GoalRef to install their systems worldwide and the technology is likely to be introduced to the Barclays Premier League for the start of next season, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The companies have had to get cover in case the systems fail and the ball is registered wrongly to have crossed, or not crossed, the line or a player or official is injured by the equipment.

The FIFA rules on insurance for goal-line technology state: “This policy should provide sufficient insurance coverage for claims being raised by third parties due to the licensee’s activities or omissions (failure to act) as well as claims being raised due to potentially faulty (manufactured) products.

“A claim is deemed as a demand for compensation of bodily injury, property damage and pure financial loss. The policy shall be concluded with a well-respected and reputable national or international insurance company.”

The first competitive tournament using the systems is expected to be FIFA’s Club World Cup in Japan in December.

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